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CURRICULUM MAP: State-of-the-Art Probeware in Science Education

Curriculum Title/Designer
Probe-sensed Qualities
Activity Description
Biology (Health) Measuring Matters/
Pasco Scientific
pH Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor, Temperature Sensor Heart rate, temperature, and pH Nine investigations into pH, heart rate, and temperature provide 27 days of classroom activities. MS

Biology (Health)

I, Bio/
LeTUS (U. Mich)
Pasco Gaseous Oxygen Sensor
How well do my school lunch choices meet my body's energy needs? Cells, energy, transformation, organ systems, human biology, heath, physiology, physics, cell structure and function
Biology Explorations in Biology/
Pasco Scientific
A variety of PASPORT PASCO sensors Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, carbon dioxide, pressure, light, humidity, turbidity, heart rate, force 25 guided-inquiry, lab-based activities use PASPORT sensors in investigations of photosynthesis; diffusion and osmosis; pH and physiology; and soil salinity and water quality. 9-10
Chemistry Explorations in Chemistry/
Pasco Scientific
A variety of PASCO PASPORT sensors Temperature, pH, color, pressure, conductivity, turbidity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, voltage/current 25 guided-inquiry, lab-based activities use PASPORT sensors in investigations of acid-base titrations; endothermic and exothermic reactions; phase changes and heating/cooling curves; and ideal gas behavior. 10-11
Chemistry Soap/
ChemSense (SRI)
Pasco pH Probe pH
Saponification: mixing of substances, chemistry of water, solubility, hydrophobicity, and hydrophilicity; aggregation and connectivity.
Chemistry Solubility/
ChemSense (SRI)
Pasco Disolved Oxygen, Pressure, Temperature, and pH Probes
Oxygen, pressure, temperature, pH
Covers vapor pressure and solution equilibrium; molecular solvation and factors affecting solubility; miscibility; dispersion; colligative properties of solutions; and molecular geometry.
Chemistry, Environmental Science Hydromania/
Pasco Scientific
pH Sensor, Conductivity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Turbidity Sensor, Xplorer datalogger, DataStudio Lite pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity How do the properties and quality of water relate to everyday life? Activities on properties of water, water quality, water treatment, and conservation & watershed MS
Environmental Science
Water Quality/
LeTUS (U. Mich)
Pasco Probes, Model-It
pH, oxygen levels, temperature
What is the water like in my river? Watersheds, erosion and deposition; how chemistry and biology affect water quality.
Environmental, Earth Science Explorations in Earth/Environmental Science/
Pasco Scientific
A variety of PASCO PASPORT sensors Temperature, pH, conductivity, voltage/current, light, pressure, humidity, turbidity, motion, magnetic field,
carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen
25 guided-inquiry, lab-based activities use PASPORT sensors in investigations of acid rain; sunlight intensity and the changing of the seasons; solar and hydroelectric power; and ocean floor mapping 9-12
Bike Helmet/
LeTUS (U. Mich)
Motion Sensors, Interactive physics
Motion, force, velocity, acceleration
Why do I need to wear a helmet when I ride my bike?
Simple Machines/
LeTUS (U. Mich)
Force and Motion Sensors
How can I use machines to help me build big things? Force, motion, distance, simple machines
Physics Noodling with Newton/
Pasco Scientific
Force Sensor, Motion Sensor, USB Link, Xplorer datalogger, DataStudio Lite, and EZscreen software Force and motion Six investigations into force and motion provide 18 days of classroom activities. MS
Physics Wondering about Waves/
Pasco Scientific
WAVEPORT Software, Light Box, Ray Optics Kit, Equilateral Prism, DataStudio Lite, EZscreen software Light and sound Six investigations into light and sound provide 18 days of classroom activities.  MS
Physics Electrifying Energy/
Pasco Scientific
Voltage/Current Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor Electricity and magnetism Twelve investigations into electricity and magnetism provide 36 days of classroom activities. MS
Air Quality/
LeTUS (U. Mich)
Pasco pH Probe, e-Chem, Model-It, Tool Soup
Car exhaust
What affects the quality of the air in my community? Chemical and physical properties of pollutants.
Physics Explorations in Physics/
Pasco Scientific
A variety of PASCO PASPORT sensors Motion, force, voltage/current, light, magnetic field, temperature 25 guided-inquiry, lab-based activities use PASPORT sensors in investigations of acceleration due to gravity; conservation of momentum; series and parallel wiring in DC circuits; polarization of light 11-12
Multi-disciplinary Rainforests at the Crossroads/
The JASON Project

TI-73 Explorer™, TI CBL 2™, Vernier LabPro, TI-73 DataMate, and assorted sensors

Carbon dioxide, temperature, turbidity, etc. Activities connect to 2003-4 JASON Project curriculum on rainforests, covering topics in the life, earth, and environmental sciences. 4-9